Our Purpose:

Analyze, assess, and create a dynamic culture for change and innovation in school districts to ensure the acceleration of learning of all children.

Our Beliefs:

All systems can improve.

Continuous improvement is a journey, and no matter where you are, there is a path forward.

Engaging stakeholders throughout the system is critical for informed decision making and building internal capacity to lead continuous improvement efforts.

Exploring the Building Blocks for Excellence

Whether you are an educator working in a classroom, a school or district leader, or a community member that supports the work of educating children, there are essential components that must be developed and continually refined to create positive outcomes and excellence for all. Our experience as educators and consultants has resulted in a focus on 6 key building blocks for excellence

A Common Vision of Excellence

Having a clearly defined picture of excellence that encompasses the values and considers all stakeholders’ needs is essential in building the plan to realize a shared vision. Collaborating to achieve goals is a powerful learning opportunity that results in better outcomes for all stakeholders. Exploring assumptions about the meaning of collaboration and teamwork to ensure productivity and shared decision-making provides a pathway to building a culture of respect for diverse thinking and maximizing each member of the team’s contributions.

Accountability through Shared Commitments

Accountability is critical when working to continually refine and adapt the way we work collaboratively to achieve goals. We support the development of standard practices to effectively carry out a plan, reflect on individual strengths and challenges in carrying out those practices, and creating mutually supportive feedback loops to ensure personal and team commitment to the work.

Innovative & Responsive Instructional Practices

The ongoing need to develop authentic ways to engage learners has never been more urgent. Research and theory about the most effective ways to accelerate learning for all students are readily available. Still, they are not always accessible to truly transform instructional practices to impact student learning positively. Educators need time and discretion to explore how they build relationships with students and families, integrate the lived experiences of students into their content, and provide appropriately challenging and relevant experiences for students to engage in learning.

Robust Information Systems

Communication is one of the most significant challenges in systems and in organizations working to achieve common goals. We work to redefine what we mean by communication and develop robust two-way systems for information sharing that provide timely updates to stakeholders and intentionally seek diverse perspectives to inform the decisions made and the strategies implemented. The plans to continually improve are practical and reflect the experiences and perspectives of those most closely connected to students and families. 

Data-Driven Decision Making

The word “data” has become a trigger for many educators and is often perceived as a judgment rather than a driver for excellence. Working with teams to identify which data sources are accessible, develop authentic new data sources, and build structures and processes for examining data to drive improvement helps create a common focus and identify the critical priorities that need attention. 

Impact Monitoring

The demands to meet each student’s needs, be accountable to parents and the community and provide adequate support for the ongoing professional growth of teachers, staff, and school and district leaders, can result in the adoption or implementation of multiple strategies simultaneously. Frequently, these initiatives are siloed and unintegrated with other efforts. Duplication and redundancy of resource allocation are not uncommon. We help develop a process to identify the impact of initiatives and strategies through inquiry cycles to ensure positive outcomes. 

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